SSB isthe abbreviated form of Service Selection Board, which is a board set up by theMinistry of Defence in India. This board is responsible for vetting candidates foradmission into the Armed forces of the country. Every year, the boardschedules, organizes and conducts assessments, known as SSB exams which consistof various intelligence and personality tests and interviews.

Takingthese exams is vital for all aspirants wishing to serve in the armed forces. Lakhsof candidates appear each year to take these tests. Civilians, mainly highschool pass outs, graduates and post-graduates as well as serving armedpersonnel can all take the SSB exams. A lot of students even join SSB coaching classes to ensure thatthey are thoroughly prepared for it.  

The SSBexams act as a filter separating the really good candidates from the rest. So,if you are planning on taking the SSB exams anytime, here are a few things youneed to keep up your sleeve to ace in these exams: -

Know about the tests inside out –SSB exams are five long procedures and involve a battery of tests to judge thecandidates from all angles. To make it through these exams, it is highlynecessary that you have complete and clear knowledge of what the exam entails. Doingso will help you form a better idea of what all it takes to clear the SSBexams.

Practice and prepare test-wise –When you make up your mind to appear for the SSB tests, understand that eachstage in it is important. You have to prepare yourself for everything from thesituation reaction tests, self-description to physical tests.

Designedto test different aspects of the applicants, each of these tests will differfrom one another in nature.

Brush up your current affairs -Sound general awareness and knowledge of current affairs can be greatlyadvantageous to you in the SSB exams. You might come across topics related tocurrent affairs in any stage of your tests. So, if you feel that you arelacking in this aspect, you must work on it while you have time at hand.

Keep your academics/technical knowledge –One thing that you must be clear with is that SSB tests are not just about theoccupation you are working to get into. They are meant to test you as anindividual, which also includes your academics and how thorough you are withit. Students who have passed out school or college can expect questionsassociated to their academic backgrounds and technical knowledge duringinterviews.

Know your surrounding –This is a part that many candidates fail to comprehend before the tests. Questionsabout the state or city you live in, covering things like its history,population, languages spoken, organizations working, popular people etc. canappear during your Personal Interview.

Work on other qualities –To do well in your SSB exams, intelligence is only one aspect. You have to havea well-developed personality, clear outlook, good communication skills andconfidence too. Other than that, you must also work on your physical fitnessand time management to not get stuck at any level. 

Whilethere are books available to help you prepare for tests like the SSB, you can joinSSB coaching classes at Doon DefenceAcademy to prepare better. Our SSBcoaching centers work towards getting you in your best form for thesetests.

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