CDSE or Combined Defence Service Examination is one of the most reputed examinations with students
aspiring to join the national defence forces. And the multitude in which students gather to take this
exam every year is proof enough as to how important it is.

So if you are one of the aspirants for CDSE this year, here are a few vital preparation tips you can benefit
of -

1.Plan well

A major part of your exam preparation depends on how well you have planned for it. And this
plan involves your study routine; the topics that you need to cover as well as time management.
And once you have formed a plan, the next thing on your list should be to follow the set plan

2.Know your Syllabus

As is obvious, to best prepare for the CDSE, you need to be thorough with its syllabus. You will
very easily find the comprehensive list of topics to be studied on the official portal of CDSE. The
catch here is to keep in mind the exact matters that you need to cover and maintain an updated
list of the topics that have been completed or are pending.

3.Stay up to date

For a foolproof preparation for CDSE, you literally need to stay up to date with all the latest facts
and happenings from around the world. The basic reason behind this is General Knowledge that
generally forms a major chunk of the CDS exam syllabus. Start as soon as possible by utilizing
various mediums such as newspapers, magazines, televisions, e-news etc.
You need to be well-versed in an array of topics, a few among which are economic and scientific
developments, sports, politics, government policies etc.

4.Practice makes perfect

As goes the saying – practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the more refined your
knowledge base gets. The best way to practice for CDS exams is to solve as many model test
papers as you can. This will aid in clearing your concepts, and revising all that you have studied.
You must also not miss out on previous years’ question papers, for a better understanding of
what the exam will actually be like.

5.Head forth with the right attitude

Other than the fact your mind to be in its best form while taking the exam, you must also consider
the purpose behind taking the exam. Once you make it into CDS, you will be placed at a highly-
dignified post which will require you to be well-equipped in making quick and just decisions,
perfectly gauge a situation, consider a state from all the angles, and strive for excellence. To do all
this, you need to work on developing the right attitude.

6.Join a CDSE Coaching center

Last but certainly not the least, joining a CDSE coaching center could actually help ensure that you
clearing the examination. You will have expert professionals guide you all along, right from helping
you grasp tough concepts to ascertaining that you stick to your schedule. Some of the top CDSE
Coaching centers in the nation provide sessional classes, during which the students obtain food and
lodging within the center itself.

CDSE can be a tough exam to crack, but with the above tips, making it a reality is quite plausible.

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