While we all do whatever we can to build a successful career, being able to join the Armed Forces of
If you are preparing for NDA exam, then coaching classes to get the necessary guidance. The NDA exam
demands perfection in every sphere, and coaching classes for the exam can help bring the best out of a
candidate. However, while many students rush to join NDA coaching classes as soon as the date for the
exam is out, they fail to understand the fine difference between guidance and able guidance. Joining just
any NDA coaching academy will not do the necessary good you intend it to. So, here is a guide to
choosing the most ideal coaching academy for the NDA exam.


The academy’s distance from your house matters; in case you are lucky enough to live in a city with a
reputed NDA coaching academy, daily conveyance will not be a hassle. But if you are living in a city with
no such coaching classes, then it better to move to a city where such academies are present until the
NDA exam. You can even choose your exam center to be in the same city where you attend classes.


A great way to pick out good NDA coaching classes is to get feedback from other aspirants. These
aspirants can be your friends or an acquaintance. Don’t decide on the basis of advertisements and
success rates alone, as they can be misleading at times.


Many of the NDA coaching academies are opened up by retired defense personnel. As a forward step,
do some research on their track record, and factor it in while deciding on a coaching class.

Lodging and Food

This will only matter if you decide to move to another city to attend coaching classes. The big NDA
coaching academies operate their own hostel and provide food, that too at minimal cost

Fee and Course Duration

Most of the academies charge the same fees and have a set duration of the courses as well. The
duration of the courses is designed keeping in mind the different needs of students, as some students
start preparation well before the exams and some opt for a crash course.

After coaching support

Choose an academy which can be called up after completing your course to clarify doubts and other

Branch or the Original

All the big coaching academies have branches all over India. This can lead to a dilemma for the aspirants
as to which one to choose, the original one or the branch. For making the choice, weigh up the
performance, the feedback from the former pass-outs of the academy, and the distance.

Big vs. small names

Choosing between the bigger names and the small ones can be challenging. But instead of being drawn
by the brand name, go for the one that suits your NDA preparation needs in all aspects. Look for things
that you expect, and then select a NDA coaching academy.

When preparing for the NDA, focus on the 3Ps i.e. Planning, Practicing and Patience. Practicing
mathematics and reasoning content every day along with proper guidance from a coaching academy can
help you score better in the NDA exam.

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