While we all do whatever we can to build a successful career, being able to join the Armed Forces of
India is something that a lot of us dream of. A glorious and highly respected career path, joining the
Armed Forces takes a lot of commitment and hard work, especially when it comes to getting into the
NDA (National Defence Academy). You need to clear the NDA examination to be able to get into the
academy. This exam however, is one of the toughest exams in the country. After all, it does entail a lot
of responsibility!

Joining an NDA coaching institute is one of the most popular paths that aspirants follow, but apart from
the NDA coaching, they also need to put in a fair amount of effort to clear the exam. Here are some tips
that you can employ along with your NDA coaching to be able to score a good rank in the exam:

1. Solve previous years’ question papers

You can easily get these online or from your NDA coaching institute, but if you are serious about
wanting to score well in the exam, you need to solve as many NDA papers as possible. Not only does it
help you gauge the layout of the exam, but it also lets you practice how much you know, recognize your
weak areas, and improve your time management skills.

2. Get the required guides and study material

In most cases, your NDA coaching institute will provide you with a list of study material and guides that
you can use to prepare for the exam, but it will be up to you to buy them. Make sure you get all the
required material for your NDA coaching, so you don’t have to forego any topic.

3. Mathematics – Learn the shortcuts

The mathematics part of the exam is where a lot of people tend to lose time. The questions are
analytical and require a fair amount of calculations. Use the guidebooks and take help from your trainers
at your NDA coaching institute to learn the popular shortcuts for math calculations, so you can save
some time when you attempt the paper.

4. Time management is key

A major part of the NDA examination is being able to use the allotted time in an efficient manner.
Master the shortcuts and be thorough with the topics and leave the questions you are confused about
for the end. Always keep an eye on the watch and practice trying to complete the paper on time.

5. Beware of the negative marking

The NDA exam has negative marking. Each wrong answer leads to a deduction of 0.25 marks. So, while
there is nothing wrong with making an intelligent guess once in a while, you must absolutely avoid the
hit-and-trial method.

6. Be up to date with what’s happening

Current Affairs forms an integral part of the exam; and the best way to prepare for this section is by
using the television and newspapers. Read news regularly and stay up to date with current national and
international affairs.

7. English – Read extensively

If English is something you’ve always been good at, you won’t have much trouble with this section.
However, if your language needs work, the best way to improve is by reading a lot of books. You can
read newspapers, stories, novels, etc. They help improve your language, help with grammar, and also
build your vocabulary.

8. History of India

Lots of questions are based on this topic, no matter how dull you find it; you need to be well-versed in
the history of your country.

Join a good NDA coaching institute and pay attention to the above mentioned tips and there is no
reason why you cannot clear your NDA exam with flying colours.

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